Frankincense resin

Frequently Asked Questions

Frankincense and myrrh have been used for thousands of years for all sorts of applications. Besides perfume, pest control, meat preservation and glue, they also had many health benefits. Recent research on and other research websites show that many doctors all over the globe have found them to be helpful in reducing or eliminating cancers, tumors, depression, anxiety, etc. Several dozen biblical references were made to them throughout the old and new testaments.


What are essential oils?

Well, essential oils are a highly concentrated part of a plant.  Sometimes the delicate flowers are used, other oils are made out of leaves or barks. The part I feel is the strongest is the sap or resin.


Do I have to burn the oil to use it as a pest control?

No. Rubbed onto the skin, it works fine. Rubbed onto a pet’s fur, it works fine too. Mixed with water on a dampened cloth or mop it also repels insects.

Frankincense resin

Why is frankincense & myrrh unique?

Both frankincense and myrrh been used for thousands of years to treat many ailments. They are 100% sustainable and not to mention they smell delightful.

Frankincense and myrrh are multi-purpose oils as they were in ancient times. Perhaps that is why they were the top traded commodities along with gold for thousands of years. They make a Great Gift, with spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits, as well as:


what is myrrh used for?

Generally, the myrrh is used for just about everything the frankincense is used for. The myrrh also seems to do wonders for the mucous membranes and digestive issues. Myrrh is great for keeping fleas and ticks off animals. A few drops in a bottle of shampoo makes the hair lustrous and healthy looking. Both myrrh resin and myrrh oil have a long history of medicinal use, and are valued for their wound-healing properties. Maintaining healthy skin is also one of myrrh oil’s renowned uses, as it helps restore the health of skin cells to help minimize the appearance wrinkles.


can I use them spiritually?

The oils have a  high vibrational frequency and are so  mystical that each person has a unique experience.  Some have experienced healing.  Most have at least experienced a great aid in the healing process, whether it be an emotional, physical, or spiritual ailment.  Don’t forget, our genetic code remembers frankincense and myrrh because it was used worldwide for thousands of years with many applications. (This memory helps it to assimilate to our bodies today.  We believe that the oils are a gift from God and were put here for our benefit.)


Why buy Ancient Essence?

Because we deal  exclusively with  Frankincense and Myrrh, our oils are guaranteed to be the highest quality available on the market at the lowest price. We sell it the way we get it pure. Many companies cut the oils with carrier oils. Therefore our oils are highly concentrated! It usually only takes a drop or so.The oils will sting broken skin, but have therapeutic value and bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells. The carbon distillation process preserves the fragrant aroma, gives them an indefinite shelf life, and is thought to enhance the therapeutic value of these precious oils..

other uses
  • Cell oxygenating
    Nutrient rich 
  • Air freshener 
  • Perfume
  • Deodorant Household cleaner
  • Supports the immune system, and the body’s natural ability to ward off colds, germs, etc.
  • Garden helper
  • Pet spray
  • Mosquito repellent