Myrrh Oil 1/3 oz Roll On


One of the world’s oldest natural resources. This earthy, deep woods scent may ground you while protecting from insects. Please select your desired size.

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Myrrh Oil is one of the world’s oldest natural resources. The earthy, deep wood scent will ground you while protecting from insects.

This one of kind essential oil is Mother Nature’s natural insect repellent.

A masculine, earthy aroma worn by King Solomon. As always, no carrier oils are added.  We have packaged this in a convenient 1-ounce roll-on bottle. You can roll it on and feel confident that you are wearing a 100% natural essence.

For thousands of years, myrrh oil has been used therapeutically in massage to help with muscle pain and inflammation with many other topical applications.

Today, myrrh oil is still used to renew the skins color, texture, and elasticity back to its youthful appearance. It  reduces redness, itchiness, and soothes many major skin problems like eczema, acne, and chapped skin.

Also known as Bol, Bola, Hirabol, Merra: Myrrh is derived from the sap of the commiphora myrrah tree. A cousin to the Frankincense tree this natural resource is native to Africa and ancient Egypt. The sap-like resin is 100% natural and has a natural bitter taste.  The word murr means bitter in Arabic.  When the resins are burned, they produce a rich aroma that is different from the natural earthy essence of the oil.  Myrrh is commonly used in Africa and the Middle East. Frankincense and myrrh were among the top traded commodities of the ancient world and sometimes traded weight for weight with gold because of the variety of applications. From animal husbandry to health and beauty treatments,  myrrh was commonly used throughout the day. Sheep that grazed through myrrh orchards were noted to have healthy hooves and didn’t suffer from ticks, flees, etc.



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